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Hi There!

Thanks for checking us out.  We are a Jesus loving church in Johnstown Ohio.  We are committed to loving God and living his Word.  We believe in connecting with people, growing together and reaching our community.  Below is a brief description of our weekly service flow.  If you would like even more information about us please check out our New Here page.  Again, thanks for checking us out and we'd love to meet you!


No one is going to single you out or ask you to stand up and give your name. Feel free to grab a free cup of coffee at the back of the auditorium and relax. Here is what happens…

  • Sing: For the first 20 minutes or so, we’ll sing some simple songs to God. Lyrics will be projected on screen for you to follow along.  Feel free to have a seat anytime during the worship service. Some people like to stand the entire time. Just be comfortable.

  • Giving: Just prior to the end of our singing, we take up the tithes and offerings. This is for those who value the mission of the Oak Creek Bible Church and are learning to give. We use this time to give back to God a portion of what He’s given to us. There is no expectation for a visitor to participate in our weekly giving. 

  • Welcome: We’ll briefly tell you about a few things happening around here. 

  • Message: Our speaker will give a 30 to 40 minute message about applying God’s truths to life’s challenges. Check out our Livestream or Online Sermons archive to sample the type of message you will hear at the Oak Creek Bible Church.


  • The Big Finish: Occasionally, we'll end with another worship song but mostly we close with a short prayer and that’s it. If you like, individual prayer is offered at the front of the auditorium after every service. Feel free to grab another cup of coffee and connect with others.


What about our children?  Your children are important to us and we provide a full children’s ministry for infants through children 12 years of age.  Our nursery and toddlers class are in our big building.  Kids 5-11 are in the little building on the hill.  All 3 of these classes start at the same time our adult service does.  So, feel free to check in your kids before grabbing that cup of coffee.  Our early teens 12+ meet in the basement of the building on the hill but do so after worship services are over.  They will gather in the foyer and walk up together. 


What do people wear?  We are a come as you are church so most people dress very casually. The most important thing to us is that you feel comfortable. We’re pretty sure that what you wear doesn’t matter to God, so it doesn’t matter to us either!






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